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Amidst the Israel-Hamas war, Israeli citizens are getting gun licenses. According to Channel 13, 1 lakh 50 thousand people have applied for gun license. During the same time last year, 42 gun license applications were received.

A woman applying for the license said- I have 6 children. After the attack on October 7, I have understood the importance of self-defense. I am also taking training in using weapons. Keeping children safe is my priority.

Fear of lone wolf attack by Palestine
At the same time, the fear of lone wolf attack by Palestine has increased in the minds of Israeli citizens. According to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, there were 363 lone wolf attacks in Israel between 2015 and 2017. Even in 2021, the dispute between Israel and Palestine had increased. Then the Palestinians carried out rapid lone wolf attacks on the Israelis.

Know through graphic what is Palestine’s Lone Wolf Attack…

Two major lone wolf attacks took place in Israel this year

28 January 2023
A 13-year-old Palestinian boy shot a man and his son in East Jerusalem. Both were seriously injured in the attack. Even before the police reached the spot, two people passing by the spot shot the attacking boy with their guns.

January 27, 2023
There was indiscriminate firing on January 27 near a place of worship in Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem, Israel. In this, 7 people died and 10 people were injured. The attack was carried out by a Palestinian man. After this there was celebration in Palestine.

5 Lone Wolf Attacks in 2021

Government will buy 10 thousand rifles for civilians
Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir had announced on October 10 that the government is buying 10 thousand rifles to give to the people. 4 thousand rifles, helmets and bulletproof jackets have been purchased. These will be given to the people soon.

Why is there dispute between Israel and Palestine?
This conflict has been going on in this area of ​​the Middle East for at least 100 years. There is dispute over areas like West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights. Palestine claims these areas including East Jerusalem. At the same time, Israel is not ready to give up its claim on Jerusalem.

Gaza Strip is between Israel and Egypt. This place is currently under the control of Hamas. This is an anti-Israel group. In September 2005, Israel withdrew its forces from the Gaza Strip. In 2007, Israel imposed several restrictions on this area. Palestine says that an independent Palestine state should be established in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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